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Ito Kowakien Hotel is the perfect location to visit sightseeing spots.

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Souvenir shop
Find local souvenirs for your memory.

Bar "Mariners"
The main bar of our hotel.  Have a great time with your friends.

Private Karaoke Room
Two private karaoke rooms are available. Reservation is required.

Swimming Pool
Enjoy swimming and sunbathing under the blue sky. (Outdoor pool / Open only in summer.)

Free Shuttle Service
Free shuttle service is available at JR Ito Station from 14:00 to 18:00 pm.
On your arrival at the Station, please call at 0557-37-4131.

Parcel delivery service
Available at the souvenir shop.

Facial mask
Facial masks, much effective for your skin when use it after bathing. Available at the front desk.

Ito Ito Kowakien, Ito Kowakien  ItoIto Ito Kowakien, Ito Kowakien  Ito


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