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Ito Kowakien

Ito Kowakien, managed by Fujita Kanko.

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Local Guide

Shuzen-ji Temple and Houmotsu-kan (Treasure museum)
Shuzenji Temple was built in 807.  The famous Kobo daishi (Saint Kobo) and his disciple founded the temple while traveling around Japan. The statue of Dainichi Nyorai to which this temple is dedicated is an important cultural property of Japan.
Open from 8:30-16:30 (close at 16:00 from October 1st ~ March 31st)
Entrance fee: 300 yen
7 minutes by bus from Shuzenji station.

Kawana Standglass museum
This is a museum of standglass. It can hold a wedding ceremony with Pipe organ. 20 minutes by bus from the hotel.

Shogasaki kaigan (a suspention bridge)
You can walk on the suspention bridge over the cliff which is made by volcanic explosion and raging waves.

Shimoda Kaichu Suizokukan (Aquarium)
This is the world-first floating aquarium in the sea. Dolphines and sea lions show are popular.
Open: 9:00-4:30pm
Entrance fee: 1900 yen for adult, 1000yen for child
7 minutes by bus from Izu Shimoda station.

Ito Orange beach
It lasts 850m. You can walk from the hotel.

Izu Shaboten Park
There are cactuses and succulent plants 1500 kinds in a glass house and animals 100 kinds in the park. Chimpanzees show is the popular and their behaviors are cute and make people laugh.

Atagawa Tropical and Alligator Garden
There are tropical plants, fruit trees, and  original kind of orchid. This park has the most kinds of alligators in the world.

Entrance fee: 1300 yen for adult, 650 yen for child.
1 minute from Izu atagawa station.

Izu animal kingdom (used to be Izu baio park)
There are zoo, amusement park, golf course tennis court and restaurants. You can feed  giraffe or see animals outside over the window at the restauran,
Open 9am-5pm
Entrance fee: 1300 yen for aduld, 700 yen for chid.
10 minutes by bus from Izu Inatori station

Izu andy land
This is a turtle park. There are 100 kinds of turtle and kept more than 1000 turtles. You can watch turtle race!
Open: 9am-5pm
Entrance fee: 950 for adult, 530 yen 7-15 year old child, 320 yen for 4-6 year old child.
5 minutes by bus from Kawazu station.


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