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Resumption of Our Online Reservation System

To our valued guests:


Since June 26, 2018, we have suspended the online reservation system utilized on our multilingual hotel websites due to unauthorized access to the server of FastBooking, the provider of the online reservation system. This unauthorized access resulted in the leaking of guests’ personal information.


In response, FastBooking contracted a third-party organization to conduct a comprehensive security audit, and it has now issued a certificate of safety. In addition, Fujita Kanko, the manager of ITO KOWAKI-EN also contracted a security auditor to investigate the matter, and we have been granted a confirmation of safety as well.


As a result, we will resume taking online reservations on our multilingual hotel sites starting December 1st.


Once again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


At Fujita Kanko, our highest priorities are the safety of our guests, and the privacy of their personal information. Moving forward, we will supervise FastBooking Japan to ensure ongoing improvement of safety measures, and will contract an outside IT security company to conduct regular check-ups.


We look forward to reoffering full online reservation functionality and welcoming guests at our hotel.   


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